Actor Umar Krupp calls for a five-year shutdown of Ghana movie industry


Umar Krupp, Ghanaian actor and film producer, has made a shocking statement about the state of the Ghana movie industry.

He lamented that the industry is dead and irrelevant, and that it needs a complete overhaul to revive it.

He suggested that the best way to do this is to shut down the industry for five years, and allow the stakeholders to restructure it and make it more profitable and competitive.

He made this remark on the Rush Hour Show on Asaase Radio in Cape Coast, where he expressed his frustration with the challenges facing the industry.

He blamed some of the veteran gatekeepers of the industry, who he said are too old and stubborn to give way to the younger generation of actors and producers. He urged them to create a conducive environment for the talented and vibrant youth to take over and inject new life into the industry.

He also lamented the lack of investors in the industry, who are discouraged by the low returns and the poor quality of the movies. He said that there are many young and creative people who are ready to invest in themselves and produce good movies, but they need the support and trust of the public.

He appealed to Ghanaians to believe in their own movie industry, and patronize their products.

The industry, he said, has a bright future, but needs a radical change to realize its potential.


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