‘Be led by the Holy Spirit not alcohol’ – Philipa Baafi to colleagues


The ‘Go Higher’ hitmaker advised gospel artistes to live according to the Biblical principles.

“I will not dispute that fact and it is not only the females, the males are also into the act. It is a human institution and we have bad nuts in there. It’s not only alcohol but people are involved in other things. But my brother, why will you take alcohol before you perform? Our bible indicates that we should be filled with the holy spirit so certainly, the holy spirit will lead you to perform so why should you drink before you perform”. Baafi told A1 Radio.

She indicated that gospel musicians who take alcohol before they perform are certainly not in to do the work of God but are just in to add to the numbers and to make money for themselves.

Baafi urged Gospel artistes who are involved in such acts to desist from it because it does not speak well of the industry.

She is currently promoting her latest Album “Jesus Bless Me Kulem”.

Source: Kasapafm


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