Beauty: This is what your lipstick colour says about your personality


Lipstick is a woman’s best friend and a beauty accessory most of them don’t leave home without.

Even though some choose not to do it on the regular and leave it only for special events, a lipstick makes up the beauty regiment of every woman.

Beauty experts and psychologist are of the school of thought that a woman’s choice of lipstick color is not for style purposes only but also a representation of certain traits and characteristics she possesses.

A woman’s lipstick says so much about her personality than most people will care to admit but the choices one makes both consciously and subconsciously reveal so much.

If you have issues with the way you’re perceived in a certain community or the types of men you see, change your lipstick colour. 

So what does your lipstick say about you? Read on


Red lipstick was invented by Sumerian people about 5,000 years ago and even in that era, it represented power and social class. The colour red symbolizes power, confidence, and danger in several parts of the world. Powerful women in history such as Cleopatra, Dita Von Teese, Coco Channel, Marilyn Monroe and even Queen Elizabeth I have blessed and sometimes terrorized the world with the red lipstick. If you’re a fan of red lipstick then you love to bask in the attention, passionate and you are not bothered when others get to know the sensual side of you. Choosing red lipstick as a shy person can embolden you to become a powerful woman.

Subtle Red

The fingers are not the same, so is every woman’s choice of lipstick colour.  A woman who loves to stay in the back rather than at the centre of attention usually opts for a subtle shade of red lipstick. Modest women, introverts, and quieter people are the biggest users of red lipstick. If you prefer red lipstick, it doesn’t mean you are boring or less fun rather you love your privacy. A subtle red lipstick instead of bold one is always perfect when you meet new people for the first time.


Black is a symbol of evil, negativity and death but wearing black lipstick doesn’t denote such qualities so don’t worry.  You’ve not been let off the hook yet if you love black lipstick it could mean you have a beautiful dark side.  Naturally, you are not easily shocked or amused by people’s actions. You may also have a very weird sense of humour which makes your love for alternative music, horror movies and strange books insatiable.  Beauty experts advice that you pair your black lipstick with a black dress or jumpsuit to a party with the girls or somewhere interesting.  Explore your untapped aspects of your personality with dark lipstick.


Are you smiling already because you know you’re adventurous and a lover of pink lipstick? Well, you guessed this right pink is for adventurous and wild people. If you love to take risks in life or love to try new things then this explains why you love pink. When you’re flirty, frisky or even hyper just put on your pink lipstick and bring the little joyful girl in you.


Orange is the new black and everyone knows that.  Orange is a bright shade which is hard to pull but if you tend to constantly reach out for that colour. Orange means you’re creative, bold, confident and a fun person to hang with. Orange can be paired with a lot of trendy outfits and worn to parties and other events


A lot of people do not like to try purple because it’s too bold and strong. It’s a colour that is mainly worn on the runway and fashion expos around the world. If you’re regal at heart, then purple is your colour but it’s also for romantic women.  Lilac, Lavender, Orchid, Thistle and Violet are all shades you can rock to show how much of an independent person you are. People misconstrue purple to emote super dangerous and overly powerful. It can also be paired with a lot of outfits but be careful not to wear it work.


If you love Mauve then you love to be in control. You don’t really love to show off but you are certain of your choices in life as a woman. Women who like this colour are simple, patient and calm folks who love to plan cautiously. If you are trying to convince someone, Mauve is the colour that works the magic. Try it.


Brown is an earth tone which means it has a natural look that is loved by many. Just like the earth or the ground it gains its colour from, wearing brown means you’re submissive rather than dominant. Wearing brown could also mean you are calm, shy, relax and light hearted. According to researchers and personality psychologists, people who love brown are the people you can trust and are good people too.  To make a subtle fashion statement, wear a brown lipstick with a bright look or maybe green for special ceremonies.


Blue, Green and Yellow

These three colours are aesthetically unique and it’s rarely worn. However, it is a mark of creativity and artistry.  People who think outside the box love to wear blue, green and yellow. Both introverts and extroverts who love to hear what others think of them are all lovers of this unique colour.


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