Businessman’s evil agenda against Napo fails

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A well-known businessman in Accra recently made an unsuccessful attempt to smear the reputation of Energy Minister Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh (Napo)

The businessman, notorious for his unlawful land acquisition practices in the East Legon area had attempted to bribe journalists to spread negative stories about the Minister.

The businessman’s motive behind this move was a reported dispute over a piece of land on 138 Monrovia Road at East Legon, which involved members of Dr. Prempeh’s family who refused to give in to his coercive tactics.

However, the plan to disseminate derogatory information about Napo did not proceed as intended.

Upon conducting their investigations, the journalists discovered misinformation provided by the businessman and thus refrained from doing his dirty bidding and publishing the story.

It is important to note that the Energy Minister and his family have not infringed upon any property.

They only defend their rightful ownership of the land against the businessman’s attempts to illegitimately claim it.

The outcome of the money paid to the journalists for this smear campaign, now that the truth has emerged, remains uncertain.

The businessman, however, continues to employ various strategies to seize the disputed land from its legitimate owners. Further updates are expected on this developing story.


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