Digitization of our National Treasury will enhance transparency and accountability – Dr. Dwamena

Dr. Charles Dwamena aka Dr. China

The aspiring national treasurer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Charles Dwamena, says he will work hard to digitize the party’s treasury and propose policies that will ensure that every member benefits from the coffers of the Party. He also expressed that the party will recognize individual or group effort towards the party and reward them accordingly.

He made the statement in a radio interview with Yaw Adjei Danquah (YAD) on the morning show of Radio 123 fm in Tamale.

Popularly known as Dr. China, Dr. Dwamena used the opportunity to explain to people in Tamale and beyond his 2-Pillars and 10-Steps policy proposal that he will champion if approved by the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Party when he becomes the national treasurer. He mentioned an effective resource mobilisation and efficient resource utilization as his two pillars. He explained how the NPP can raise 60 million dollars every year through membership dues and how that money can be used to enhance the welfare of Party members. He mentioned the ‘Welfare Fund’, the ‘Political Mentorship Programme’, the ‘Monthly Imprest to Constituency and Regional Offices’ (MICRO) and other policies as his plans for Party members when he is given the nod to become the national treasurer.

He added that, the aged people in the party who served with all their might, ideas and resources when they were strong will not also be left out. He outlined a package that he will seek the approval of the Party’s NEC to implement for such people if he wins the national executive elections and becomes the treasurer of the party. Dr. Dwamena also stated that he believes Party members should be taken good care of while they are alive before being celebrated when they are dead.

Dr. Charles Dwamena is Ghana’s former Deputy Ambassador to China, and a former Director of Finance and Administration at NPP headquarters.

Source: www.frontpageghana.com/Ghana


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