Ghana, EU create joint committee for EPA


The twenty-member committee will be required to among others adopt rules of procedure to ensure a ready market for goods, while implementing rules and regulations to enhance export between the two parties.

In an interview with Citi Business News, Deputy Trade and Industry Minister, Robert Ahomka Lindsey charged the committee to work diligently on recommendations for the way forward.

“This particular Committee’s role which is represented by the various ministries and departments, led by the Ministry of Trade and Industry but represented by various ministries and public agencies of government from Ghana side and representatives of the EU side, is to sit down and get through the detail, the modalities, the specifics and so that is a huge market,” he said.

He added that “The EU also because it is representing the people of the European Union wants access to our market. So we have to come to an agreement on what those rules are and how it is, what bases they are going to get access because that is what a relationship in a bilateral agreement comes through so this committee will look at the detail and come out with specifics that will govern how we will make this work”.

Mr. Ahomka Lindsay further stated that he is hopeful the Committee will produce meaningful result as and when they do.

“This is something that will meet roughly yearly and its job is to set the rules. If there are challenges we will bring it to that committee. If there are areas that we need to address that committee will look at it and from ministry of trade and industry, we are very keen as a lead agency for this arrangement” he explained.



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