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By February 10, 2017 1033 0

Right Honourable Speaker,

Thank you for this opportunity to express these concerns on behalf of my constituents, within the Awutu Senya West constituency.

Most of the residents within my constituency Awutu Senya West, residents within Awutu Senya East, residents within the Gomoa East and indeed commuters /users of the Kasoa – Awutu Beraku – Winneba road are faced with a nagging problem each morning, on their way to performing or returning from performing economic and or social activities within Accra/Tema.

Mr Speaker, the situation is even worsened on weekends with travellers out of town for funerals and other social activities.
Admittedly, the construction of the first phase of the Kasoa interchange by the previous government has brought some relief on the Kasoa section of the highway, but there is heavy traffic building up, at the Kasoa tollbooth that sometimes backs 2 or 3 kilometres, with 2 hours or more waiting that commuters or users have to endure and then experience that again at the Liberia camp to Beraku junction, which has become a poignant inconvenience to my constituents and other commuters.

Mr. Speakers, it was reported by the previous government during the commissioning of the circle Interchange that the estimated build-up of traffic on the circle road, cost the nation a 100mUSD annually as widely covered live, and subsequently reported on, during HE President John Mahama’s speech at the circle Interchange commissioning [Ref Nov 16 ’16 GhanaWeb news report “lack of traffic flow resulted in estimated loss of about 100mUSD”]

To eradicate these sort of losses, there was an investment in a few interchanges including the 715 meters Kasoa interchange/flyover.

Mr Speaker, I dare say that the economic loss has not been successfully curtailed. Speaking with my distraught constituents, I have heard the most saddening experiences and a desire to have solutions to these inconveniences of severe economic importance as soon as possible.

Mr. Speaker, take for instance, a morning show panellist of the Enyidado FM, who needs to be on air by 7 am. His journey usually comes to a halt at the Liberia camp junction. Fearing that he’d lose his spot on the show, he jumps on a commercial motorcycle, only hoping that the meandering motorbike can get him to work safely and on time. I have listened to experiences from taxi drivers within my constituency and neighbouring constituencies, who suffer other economic effects and are losing their jobs.

Mr .Speaker, as a result of long delays in traffic, drivers and some passengers become impatient and use the shoulders of the road, or over exceed speed limits whenever they have a little opportunity to catch up after spending a lot of time in traffic, putting their lives and that of other road users at risk, there’s a likelihood of hitting a pedestrian or another motorist.

Mr Speaker, a number of these unemployed individuals, find employment opportunities in the long and chaotic traffic congestions, running in between cars in traffic, and end up risking their lives with most of them almost getting knocked down. As a result of these, people are losing their lives through accidents. These inconvenient situations should be rectified.
Mr Speaker, allow me to list a few other negative effects this congestion has on my constituents and other commuters.
• Inability to forecast travel time accurately , leading to drivers allocating more time to travel ”just in case“ , and less time on productive activities and in some cases making the passengers pay up for the time spent by the drivers in traffic as if it was their doing in the first place.
• Fuel is wasted. Increasing air pollutions and carbon dioxide emissions owing to increased idling, acceleration and braking. This affects the general health of my constituents and neighbouring environments.
• Wear and tear on vehicles as a result of idling in traffic, driving on road shoulders and frequent acceleration and braking, leading to more frequent repairs and replacements.
• Stressed and frustrated motorists, encouraging road rage and reduced health of motorists.
• Emergencies: blocked traffic interferes with the passage of emergency vehicles travelling to their destinations where they are urgently needed. A case as witnessed by most of my constituents in relation to ambulances.
• Higher chance of collisions due to tight spacing and constant stopping-and-going.

Mr. Speaker, may I make the following recommendations for consideration;

• The immediate regular deployment of the MTTD personnel to control traffic on these roads.
• The immediate provision of Zebra crossing at points where pedestrians usually cross the road.
• The provision of traffic lights at the Liberia camp junction and the Beraku road.
• Activating the prioritized ePayment lane and tollbooth system, season tickets etc.
• Extending the interchange to Akoti junction area to avoid Liberia camp congestion.
• Expansion and or redesigning the interchange to accommodate dedicated lanes for Kasoa –
Awutu Beraku – Winneba traffic, and exit lanes redirecting onto auxiliary exits. Auxiliary routes should be tarred.
• Fast tracking the completion of the ongoing construction phase of the project.
Mr. Speaker, these issues raised do not affect only my constituents or our neighbours. They affect the country’s general economy and a pose a great threat to our human security.

Mr. Speaker, at the end of the day, our goals are straightforward; securing human safety, security and total social/economic wellbeing.

Mr. Speaker, in conclusion , I am by this statement soliciting support from Honourable Members of this House, and humbly recommending to Mr. speaker, to consider requesting the Ministry of Roads and Highways to look into these complaints , and provide timely, cost effective and value for money solutions to address these concerns, in order to bring relief to residents within the
Awutu Senya West constituency, and other commuters using these roads.

I am most grateful Mr Speaker.


By: George Andah, MP Awutu Senya West

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