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By October 16, 2018 29 0

Dear Madam Akuffo,

My eyes have been held captive by tears not of joy but abject gloom resulting from your refusal to prosecute the corrupt officials of John Mahama.

Your deafening silence on the oceans of corrupt acts which were synonymous with the erstwhile John Dramani Mahama administration is giving thousands of us, if not millions, nightmares.

Suffice it to say that I am a neophyte in the field of law, but there are cases which even common sense tells me that they could and should have found themselves in court, but for some mystifying reasons, the culprits of those corrupt practices are walking majestically in town.

Madam, a group of party footsoldiers have been compelled to ask for your head due to your recalcitrance with respect to prosecuting Mahama’s appointees. They enumerated a great number of the corrupt acts which defined the NDC administration, and so I am disinclined to embark on the monotony of repeating the cases they cited.

Albeit my disinclination to itemize those cases, I would like to state just two cases for emphasis; the double salary scandal and the recently released forensic audit conducted into some entities which included the Ghana Gas Company and the kind of maladministration which the company was subjected to with its attendant corrupt deals.

I am beside myself with consternation why you have blatantly refused to prosecute these cases. I am quite aware of the numerous investigations conducted into certain sectors since we came to power, and it beats my imagination why you have ignored all these cases like a plague.

The double salary must not die, Madam. It was a criminal act which must not be swept under the carpet. In fact, it must top the list of cases to be prosecuted.

Hmmmmm! Am I not dreaming, advising you on which case to prosecute first since you have resolved to allow these criminals roam comfortably in town.

You may wonder why I am so much troubled and emotive in this missive to you, and the answer is simple; I am a footsoldier, I campaigned in the dungeons, I made the hinterlands my home. I had to stop working in order to have enough time to campaign for Nana Akufo-Addo and the party to come to power.

Your failure to prosecute these Mahama elements amply points to a certain reality, the reality that you would want the party to walk back to the deserted island of opposition. We are not ready to do that, Madam Gloria Akuffo.

Maybe, just maybe you are oblivious of the key themes which we campaigned on. Let me refresh your memory on that. Corruption was pivotal in our campaign during the 2016 electioneering campaign. Mahama and his team being corrupt was public knowledge and lots of evidence were abound. Ghanaians knew and still know that John Mahama is the personification of corruption.

You are strenuously eroding that corruption tag on Mahama away with your refusal to prosecute his appointees who stole monies which belonged to the state. Communicators of government cannot mention Mahama’s corruptibility because you are essentially telling us that he was not corrupt. Party communicators can hardly mention NDC’s numerous corruption cases simply because your actions tell the world they were not corrupt.

All of us have become laughing stocks in the eyes of our political opponents because whenever we mention their corrupt deals, they remind us of being in power and that we would have prosecuted them if they were indeed corrupt. The irrevocable truth is that, they were corrupt.

**Former President Mahma

I love to write, Madam, and I do that seamlessly when it comes to sins committed by the NDC. Joy FM has uncovered a $6 million amount meant for building hospitals which was used to conduct research into NDC-related matters as far as elections were concerned. In an ideal world, I should have written extensively about this but the appetite or proclivity to do that has abandoned me, thanks to your lackadaisical attitude with respect to prosecuting the appointees of John Mahama.

Your languidly lethargic posturing is gradually turning the hunter (NPP) into the hunted. Madam Gloria Akuffo, we can no longer wait for another bout of excuses. Start prosecuting now, for time and tide wait for no political party. The rainy day is now, not tomorrow. 

We demand action now, not next year! Unless you want to tell me that you and your deputies are slumbering, Madam, our patience has worn dangerously thin! Wake up and start prosecuting. If you cannot save us from this heartache, kindly bow out, with your lieutenants!

Thank you!

Ben Osei Owusu 

A concerned patriot.

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