My relationship with God has made me what I am - Dr. Joseph Siaw

25 May 2018
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Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, Executive Chairman of the Jospong Group of Companies, has disclosed that his relationship with God has made him who he is today and for which he is forever grateful to God. He says everything he possess belongs to God and unto Him, he (Dr. Agyepong) will give glory as long as he lives.

He said when the Holy Spirit dignifies one, He equally magnifies you, recounting the humble beginnings of where God picked him from and how far He has brought him, adding that when God makes you rich, and your wealth will never dwindle.

Dr. Agyepong was speaking in Johannesburg, South Africa at the Empowered21 Africa Congress on the topic “Christian Business Ethics and Network”.

He added that when the Holy Spirit drops an idea in your heart, He gives you the power to perfect it “that is why when people saw filth in Ghana and Africa the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and I saw a fortune”. He urged business men and women who believe in God to allow the Holy Spirit to create their businesses so that they themselves will add the protocol later.

He called on Christian Businessmen and women to have a covenant with God through tithing and paying of taxes in order for their businesses to grow. He said “we are stewards of the resources the Lord has endowed us with so it is our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment in the course of our business.”

“We must have honest dealings with our customers both internal and external and reach out to thee vulnerable in society”, He added.

The environmental sanitation and waste management entrepreneur believes that in togetherness African Christian businessmen and women can better impact the whole world positively to make it a better place to live in. “Christian businesses must work together to build the Kingdom Business”.

Dr. Agyepong said the business network is not about money, it is about leveraging on each other’s strength and build each other up and also add the God factor so our businesses will grow and impact generations. ”The core of every business should be the availability of information and not necessarily money”.

The entrepreneur encouraged his colleague entrepreneurs and business men and women not to fear challenges, for the commencement of every successful business is the beginning of several challenges.

He said the Holy Spirit needs peoples’ emptiness so that He can do something with their lives and the easiest thing Jesus Christ can do is to create things out of nothing.

The just-ended congress is under the theme “LIVING TO IMPACT GENERATIONS THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT”. Empowered21 is an organization that is helping to shape the future of the Spirit-empowered movement throughout the world. It is an open organization to all Spirit-empowered churches, ministries, organizations, networks and fellowships led by a global council of esteemed international denominational and ministry leaders.



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