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Blame NDC for introducing Political Vigilantism, they started from Akwatia - Atick Featured

By February 10, 2019 517 0

Atick Yakubu, a political activist with the ruling New Patriotic Party, has on called the general public to blame the opposition Nation Democratic Congress (NDC) for introducing vigilantism into Ghanaian politics.

In an article copied Frontpageghana.com, Atick Yakubu accept that though there is the need to holistically address the vigilantism in a non-partisan manner, “we should also not forget where it started from and who were those behind it”.

Mr. Yakubu, in his article has recounted many instances where NDC meted out acts of violence to NPP members which started at Akwatia during the six (6) polling stations elections, where the former Member of Parliament for the area, Alhaji Baba Jamal declared Jihad on the then opposition NPP members. But the government of the day looked on without making any attempt to stop vigilantism. He thanked President Akufo Addo for taking steps to end it all.

Read his full article

“During the 2009 Akwatia 6 polling stations elections, the NDC had invited some thugs into the town to cause Mayhem. They blocked the main road in front of their constituency office and beat anyone who was a member of NPP, beat our big wigs who passed and those who were lucky had their windscreens broken with stones. I was a witness to this. There was an instance my brother and I had to run for our lives because we were identified as sons of the constituency chairman by a woman. She gave the order that we should be beaten by the thugs they had imported to town in metro mass buses. They didn’t come in pickup vehicles but metro mass. That was how ugly it was. That was the impunity they exhibited.

Those who were at Talensi will tell you their story too. In Atiwa, Anita De Souso drove her Tundra through party faithfuls like they were snakes in her way . I believe even if they were goats or sheep she would have exercise some patience for them to cross but NO, they were NPP people in her way. In her eyes they are lesser than animals.

In Amenfi West, those who got beaten will tell you their story.

Our party faithfuls got beaten in every aspect of our politicking. Not even our members were spared at the student front. From NUGS to SRC, there are records of serious beatings and intimidation.
I AM IN NO WAY TRYING TO JUSTIFY VIGILANTISM. I just want all of us to know where it started from. We never had vigilantism in our politics till the 6 polling stations in Akwatia and Atiwa. This was what led to famous statements “Atiwa mpo y3 kyer3 )mo Kakra “ and the regrettable “all die be die “comments . What I know is that governments have used the security forces to bully and intimidate opposition parties till the NDC started their vigilantism in 2009.

The difference between us and them is that we have a President that has taken the steps to bring an end to political vigilantism by setting up a committee to investigate the happenings at the Ayawaso West bye elections. I can say on authority that those who got beaten by the National security were thugs from the house of Delali Bempong. He had more than 50 of them in his house just to cause mayhem and make sure we don’t have a successful election. Even if God had told Delali and the NDC that they would won AWW elections they wouldn’t have believed it. For them, the only option was to ransack the election Centre and the election would have been postponed. To make a long story short, the 4 guys who started this operation were unfortunately met by the National security operatives. The NPP couldn’t tell their side of the story because the NDC were quick to run to the media and the whole narrative changed.

I applaud the president on the step he has taken. It’s a good one but Mr. President, some of us will resist any form of punitive measure you will put in place to punish our party officials or some of our men who have been employed under the National Security council. We can’t pay the wrongs the NDC caused us with equal measures but let this commission set a clean sheet and a guideline for us moving forward.
What has these guys benefited from us after we won 2016? They being employed under NSC? How much are they being paid? When was the last time they got paid?
Excuse me to sound partisan here but without these guys some of us today are secretly pushing for them to be hanged I can say on authority that you wouldn’t have been President .Yep. It’s only those who don’t know how you were able to take total control of the party will argue on this. After all the English and citing of articles upon articles by NEC and NC, these were the same people who implemented those decisions with maximum force. They gave us internal sanity. They protected people who are now ministers and appointees of government but where have these guys been placed? NSC to receive what? Excuse me what they get are peanuts yet still they are always available to serve and protect us. If we can’t get them what they deserve, we shouldn’t further demoralize them. Some of them died protecting your convoy, some were killed protecting us, some died fighting thugs from NDC and I can say that none of them got even a befitting funeral. How many of them have their wives, children and relatives they left behind being catered for? The President should get off his convoy, spend some time with these guys and know their pain.
They have families like all of us , most of them also have “beautiful Rebecca “ in their houses but they love the party more and always put their lives on the line . Find a way to contain this issue Mr. President.

And to those young appointees with Presidential ambitions who think they can use this issue to score cheap points against people they see as threat should rethink again. Planting “evidence” and narratives to incriminate others so they can’t hold public office will be a waste of effort. We know what some of you are doing. We know what you are up to but it won’t work. Bryan Acheampong is not going anywhere. If you have been appointed by the President, concentrate on what you have been tasked to do. A sixteen years ambition is very far away. Stop wasting your energy. Do you know where you will be in even 1 week? Death doesn’t announce its presence with a public address system. Sixteen years is a long way for you to be damaging people so as to pave way for you. In 2008, who counted Bawumia amongst possible presidential candidates? Just on event (the Supreme Court hearing) changed everything so my guy, chill Ayt. You are rushing too much. Bryan should be the least of your problems.

Last but not the least; Mr. President, whether you fire Bryan , change the composition of the NSC , change the entire NPP set up , the NDC will still see you next to the devil . No matter how you brand yourself, they will still see you as the wicked, arrogant and an aggressive politician. Please stop trying to please them.


Sammy Agyei/Frontpageghana.com/Ghana

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