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21 March 2018
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---National treasurer aspirant pledges 

A National Treasurer aspirant of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Charles Dwamena, has promised to facilitate the creation of a business incubation fund to offer loans to party members to start their own businesses.

He also promised to strongly advocate the introduction of a welfare fund to cater for the healthcare needs of party members if he is given the nod to manage the funds of the governing party.

Speaking in an interview with The Custodian, Dr. Dwamena, who is the current Deputy Ghana Ambassador to China, said the time has come for party supporters to reap the benefits of their labour. 

Dr. Dwamena is a former Director of Finance and Administration at the NPP headquarters in Accra.

He was also the Secretary to the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo 2016 campaign team.

Asked why he is leaving the ambassadorial job to contest for national office of the party, Dr. Dwamena explains he wants to be a national treasurer to contribute his quota towards making the NPP financially sound.

This, he noted, will able the party to continue to be in government to grow the economy and create jobs for the people.

Dr. Dwamena said the record of the former President John Agyekum Kufuor, who led the NPP government for eight years and the current strides being made by President Akufo-Addo, attested to this fact.

He said Ghanaians were witnesses to what the NDC did during the combined eight years of President Mills and President Mahama, which saw Ghana drop from one of the fastest growing economies to less than four per cent growth.

Dr. Dwamena congratulated all those who were given the nod at the recently held constituency elections to serve the NPP in various capacities.

He urged NPP members to give him the mandate at the National Delegates Conference in June, 2018 to enable him to establish the business incubation and welfare funds for the benefit of members at the constituency and polling station levels.

Dr. Dwamena said it was crucial of the NPP to create more opportunities for party members to cure the current situation where many supporters blamed the government for not offering them jobs.

He noted that such unemployed party members were compelled under the circumstances to depend on party officials, both in government and without, for financial assistance.

The national treasurer aspirant said once the fund was created and party members with business proposals could access it to start their businesses the blame game and dependency would cease.

"Currently, we need to look at ways of creating more opportunities for party members so that we could build a highly resourceful party that could be capable of sustaining political power.

"We have to move from the current status quo where party members at the grassroots have to wait for party leaders to come to the constituency for them to say take this take that to a more sustainable way where members at the grassroots will have something more sustainable," Dr. Dwamena explained.

Welfare fund

The NPP national treasurer aspirant bemoaned the situation where loyal members of the party who got injured as a result of party activities or fell sick did not receive any assistance from the party.

"Sometimes it is quite disheartening when someone engages in an accident in party activities. And after that the person is left to his fate. That is bad. It brings bad omen to the party because people who know him or her to be a party member will begin to ask questions. It does not make the party attractive," Dr. Dwamena bemoaned.

According to him, there are areas where NPP offices are saddled with rent arrears.

He said the creation of the national welfare fund would cater for emergency situations. 

"By so doing, we will be making the party more attractive to non NPP members, floating voters and even NDC supporters. That in itself will increase the membership base of the party to make the party stronger," Dr. Dwamena maintained.

PIX: Dr. Charles Dwamena, NPP national treasurer aspirant


Source: The Custodian

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