Joselyn Dumas laments being sidelined by Kumawood filmmakers


Speaking in an chat with Peace FM, the celebrated actress and TV personality said that although she’s expressed interest in acting in Kumawooh movies, none of the Industry’s filmmakers seem to want to give her character roles.

Miss Dumas says that although she’s repeatedly told fellow actress Nana Ama McBrown that she’d be interested in acting positions, none of the local producers have given her a single call.

According to Miss Dumas, no produce in the Kumawood movie industry has ever called her to even give her the opportunity to turn down roles. Pay

Asked if she’d been actively pursuing the roles she wanted, Miss Dumas said that the she had been doing exactly that. “I have. There is a guy called Ike who gets deals from Kumawood.

* Left to right: Nana Ama McBrown and Joselyn Dumas

Left to right: Nana Ama McBrown and Joselyn Dumas Read more:

Anytime he mentions my name when this opportunity comes, they give him excuse so I get sidelined there. It breaks my heart because I speak Ga and Twi and I want people to know another side of me many people do not know.”

Miss Dumas said she believes her sidelining was due to a perception that she somehow believes the Kumawood industry was not good enough for her.

“All this is because of a perception out there that we think Kumawood is not good but that is not true at all”.




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