Koby Adom makes film exploring the African diaspora’s experience in the motherland


As his London Film School graduation project, British/Ghanaian director Koby Adom tells a story about the relationship between Jennifer, a member of the African diaspora going to her motherland for the first time and Efua, a young domestic housemaid born and bred in Ghana with lesser fortunes. The film is now available online on: www.housegirlfilm.co.uk.

The film was shot on location in Accra, Ghana early last year and has since been officially selected for the Africa International Film Festival 2016 in Lagos as well as getting a nomination for best student short film at the BAFTA qualifying London Short Film Festival 2017.

It also featured in a programme of shorts curated by Koby, as part of the BFI Black Star Season in London.

”I visited Ghana in 2015 for the first time in eighteen years. It took a lot of getting used to but I was in awe of the beautiful landscape. This led me to make the big decision to shoot my grad film in Ghana: to discuss the cultural differences between western civilisation and Africa and also to photograph the beautiful African scenery. I’m not the only one who has experienced this dual feeling so a lot of people will connect to this short film” – Koby Adom


Source: pulse.com.gh


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