LGBTQ+ bill: Deputy Majority Leader proposes community service instead of jail for offenders

community service
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The Deputy Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo-Markin, has proposed that the bill that seeks to criminalize LGBTQ+ activities be amended to replace imprisonment with community service.

He said he supports the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, but he has concerns about the harsh penalties that it imposes on those who engage in or promote LGBT+ activities.

The Deputy leader made the proposal on Thursday, February 15 after he blocked the third reading of the Bill and moved a motion for it to be taken through a second consideration stage to enable him to introduce some amendments.

He introduced 13 amendments.

According to him, jailing people for their sexuality is not the solution to uphold Ghanaian family values and human sexual rights, and argued that it could have negative consequences for the offenders and the society.

He disclosed that the government is planning to introduce a Community Sentencing Bill, which would provide alternatives to imprisonment for some offenses.

He urged the Parliament to adopt this approach for the LGBTQ+ bill and to change the custodial sentencing to community service.

This, he said, would foster a more compassionate and effective judicial system, and that it would also enhance the efficacy and compassion of the LGBT+ bill.

He said that he has moved an amendment to the bill and that he wants the Parliament to consider it thoroughly. He said that the amendment would substitute community service for incarceration for LGBT+ offenders and that it would focus more on rehabilitative strategies for behavioral issues.


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