Low investiment hits waste managing industry


Some studies have shown that the Greater Accra region may soon run out of proper disposing sites for waste generated by the growing population.

According to a research conducted by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana would soon generate about 25,000 metric tons of waste daily as the population increases steadily.

This calculation is based on the average production of one kilogram of solid waste per person daily.

The Greater Accra region is estimated to produce over 4,000 tons of waste daily while it lacks the adequate waste management plants to recycle it.
The Chief Executive Officer of Tidyup, Mr. Steven Ampofo who operates a waste management company in Mallam blamed the low investment in waste management on the high cost in establishing a waste plant site.

According to him, “Waste management is expensive, the machines are very expensive if we want to go into new technology and get away from the conventional ways of managing solid waste , then we need to put in a lot of money.

“This machine that we see sitting there is about 25,000 Euros so if I put three or four here then I should be looking at a 100,000 Euros for just the four machines. The other is about 24, 000 Euros and the smaller one there is about 10,000 Euros” he said pointing at the machines.

Waste processing plant

He recounted that improper disposal and management of waste has been traced to the annual outbreak of cholera, which has resulted in hundreds of death.

The situation according to him could be averted if adequate attention is given to waste management.

Outlining some measures that can help to inject some funds into the industry, Mr. Ampofo stated that banks must be encourage to lend to players in the industry.

“We also need exemptions from importation. For instance I am clearing two machines and I am paying GHS21,000. So this is the kind of support we need,” he said.

Speaking to Citi Business News, the MD of Premium Bank , Mr. Kwasi Tumi whose bank made some investment in Tidyup Waste management company stated that waste management is an area where banks can invest.


Source: citibusinessnews.com


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