[Fresh video] Kasoa ‘killers’ narrate how they plotted to murder victim


A new video has emerged in which the two teenagers who killed a young boy for ritual purposes narrating how they plotted to murder their friend.

The two, however, argued regarding the person who delivered the final blow that ended Ishmael’s life.

In the new video, the boys could be seen arguing and pointing accusing fingers at each other and as the one who delivered the fatal blow.

Ishmael was murdered by Felix Nyarko, 16, and Nicholas Kini, 18 who were arrested and handed over to the police. They have since been charged and have made their first appearance in court.

The sad incident happened at Kasoa Lamptey Mills in the Awutu Senya East Municipality in the Central Region on April 3, 2021.

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The suspects, giving the rationale behind their actions, told the police a fetish priest in the Volta Region had asked them to bring body parts for money rituals.

In the new video, Nicholas claimed he brought Ishmael into the uncompleted building where Felix was hiding and he (Felix) used a wooden handle of a shovel to hit their victim on the head.

Felix, however, contradicted this story and claimed he rather came along with Ishmael and Nicholas hit his head with the wooden handle.

The teenagers admitted they planned to bury the body and then return for it later to get the parts required by the spiritualist.

The narrative shocked their audience who could be heard marvelling at the plot from such young boys.

“You Nicholas, you want money? We have to kill you. In fact, we have to kill you both,” Somebody could be heard exclaiming in Twi in the video

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Watch the video below:



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