Ofori-Atta must go; he isn’t important than 30m citizens – Lecturer to Majority


Political Analyst and Senior Lecturer of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Johnathan Asante has called on the Majority caucus in parliament to stop shielding the Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta.

According to him, the Finance Minister is not more important than the 30 million citizens suffering under the prevailing economic hardship in the country.

“The most important thing is that his policies are not working which is the more reason why the cedi has depreciated against the dollar in an unprecedented manner in the Fourth Republic. Where inflation finds itself and so on and so forth, all because of the depreciation of the cedi.”

“So, if you look at that and still you hear people still defending the finance minister then I don’t really know the reason. Is it that the finance minister as a person is more important than the 30 million people in this country,” Mr. Asante asked.

He believes the Majority caucus in Parliament is indecisive on the censure voting, adding that the development might come with integrity issues to their party.

Jonathan Asante bemoaned that the adamant action of the President is causing international investors to back out of the country leaving us in excruciating poverty.

“So, speculatively as long as you keep such a person there, the international investors do not have confidence. They want a new face, want a new direction, and see whether credibility-wise they will be able to generate some kind of restructuring that the government in his power will abide by. These are some of the basic things that the President ought to understand,” he said.

Mr. Asante questioned why the President with his legal background will still be adamant on issues.

“It’s equally making people speculate, what is it that is binding the two of you, is it that you guys have been involved in some gruesome transaction? Is it also the case that the President is still owing the Finance Minister in terms of his political financing?

“See, all these speculative pieces are being put together as it were. This has come to create a damning image for your political legacy in the future. Such that the way and manner the President has conducted himself in office for the past few years. If he is not careful, he will come out as the worst ex-president that Ghana will ever have. He will be very miserable because I foresee a situation where the NPP is likely to lose this 2024 election, owing to some of these detriments on the part of the President and a finance minister without honour and principle.”


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