Outdooring Prof. Opoku Agyeman was unnecessary and waste of money – Nana Yaa Juantuah

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Former General Secretary for the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Nana Yaa Jantuah has questioned why the National Democratic Congress (NDC) wasted money to outdoored ‘old’ Prof. Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang instead of organising meet-the-press.

According to the former scribe of the CPP, Ghanaians already knew who the NDC Running mate, Prof.Opoku Agyeman was, so meeting the media to answer questions from them would have been the best for herself and the party.

In her view, the Prof. Opoku Agyeman would have used the opportunity to explain the NDC’s 24-hour economy to Ghanaians, answer some pressing issues on women and also to build ties with the media.

This she believes would have given the people of Ghana a fair idea about her human relations and how she intends to deal with issues about women.

“She was chosen because of who she is. So why waste money to outdoor her? We outdoor new people, new babies. I believe in 2020 she crisscrossed the whole country and went to polling stations, constituencies, and regions. She has been working since. In fact that is the criteria President John Dramani Mahama said he used to choose her because she was loyal, faithful and she has been around.

“To me, the event was unnecessary. They should allow us to know who she is by answering questions. Why didn’t they organize a press soiree for her? So I thought that let her meet the media, let us see her prowess. So that she will be seen answering questions on the 24-hour economy, the trokosi system, and how she is going to empower women,” she said.

Concluding, she said “there are a lot of things that get in the way of women. I wasn’t happy when the Chief Justice went to Otumfuo to ask him to help us pass the Affirmative Action Bill. She is a woman in a position so if she met the media and being as confident as she is then she will be able to talk about these issues head-on.”


Source: www.frontpageghana.com//Ghana


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