Sand Winning Goes On In Keta; Afenyo-Markin Is Not Wrong


Why does it look like some of our NDC friends attacking Hon. Afenyo-Markin are intransigently opposed to logical reasoning with respect to the presser the Majority held in Parliament over Keta?

Let us even assume without admitting that the photograph displayed was not in sync with the sand winning activities of the Keta enclave, does that take away the fact that sand winning is rampant in the area?

The experts were on Newsfile and apart from confirming that sand winning takes place along the coast including Keta, they also emphasized that the phenomenon contributes to the magnitude of destructions witnessed in Keta when the tidal waves hit the shores.

The absence of the sand gave the water unfettered access to the land and the properties along the coast, thereby making the water travel long distances into their homes.

The issue is not about whether the photo shown was from Keta or Sierra Leone. It is about whether sand winning activities go on in the area and the effects same would have on the people when the tidal waves visit uninvited.

According to the experts, though the presence of the sand couldn’t have stopped the water from attacking the shores of Keta and its surrounding towns and villages, it would have lessened the impact and reduced the damage done to the people.

Those attacking Afenyo-Markin are doing so out of their ignorance of the issues that are germane to this whole Keta matter. They have refocused their energies on a tangential item while the main issue is left alone.

No serious people would focus on whether photograph shown was from Keta or not when the realities of Keta go beyond such an infinitesimal item.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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