Sexy Men: 6 habits of well-groomed Ghanaian men


Seasoned entrepreneur Keith Cunningham says “ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results”. Investing in your appearance make you feel good when you step out and it also speaks well of you.

We have unlocked six ways to look your best always.

1. Cleanse and moisturize daily

How do you look presentable if you don’t cleanse and moisturize preferably twice daily? Spend enough time taking care of your skin first thing in the morning and at the end of the day because it has been exposed to elements.

2. Trim your hair regularly

Book appointment with a stylist or barber every one or two weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and trim your hair. You must always maintain a certain peculiar look as part of your branding. Don’t wait till your hair has reached maximum fluff before you start looking for a barber.

3. Signature smell

Seek for niche brands in town, something less known and own it. It will constantly remind people how you make them feel.

4. Manage your facial

It is perfectly attractive to have beards but you must treat it like a precious jewel.

Buy trimmer and beards oil to tidy it regularly for the perfect look.

5. Tame your feet

You can manage your face and ignore your feet. Smelling feets or discolored nails can cause destroy your relationship. Always go the salon for a professional pedicure.

6. Manscaping

Isn’t it time to do a little manscaping bro? A little trim here and there is good manners and makes you look sexy in bed.



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