SHOCKING: Ghanaian Church in North London lists outrageous charges for everything including Prayers


Following the recent Dr Mensa Otabil’s Greater Works Conference “millionaire status” offertory brouhaha, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been furnished with the latest addition to the family of men of God, robbing their followers in day light–and this is taking place in North London, UK.

Last Sunday, leaders of Torchbearers Worldwide Ministries, a Ghanaian church in North London handed out interesting leaflets to their congregation which list the various services the church offers to its members–with added charges.

If you are a non-tithe paying member and you need deliverance, it comes with a cost of  250 pounds or more. A tithe paying member gets a discount and therefore must pay 150 pounds or more. Non-church members in need of deliverance have to pay 300 pounds or more.

One month pre-marital counselling goes for 150 pounds for tithe-paying members, 250 pounds for non-tithe paying members and 300 or more for the general public.


If you are a tithe-paying member and you need a common immigration letter from the church, it attracts a charge of 100 pounds, reference letter comes with a charge of 20 pounds for the same category of persons–and non-tithe-paying members will have to pay 40 pounds for a reference letter.

That’s not all: if you want the church to bless your marriage, it comes with a cost of 200 pounds for tithe-paying members, 300 for non-tithe paying members and 400 for non-church members. The church even charges to bless children or name children of its members

A church member who sent GhanaCelebrities.Com a copy of the the leaflet said; “I have been going to this church since I move to the UK–and because of this, I wouldn’t go there again as it’s insane for the leaders to come up with such nonsense, and obviously a way to rob the members.”

We are told the name of the head pastor, is Bishop Kwame Poku. The church is located at Rhema Worship Centre Denmark Road London N8 0DZ, with another branch in Milton Keynes.

It’s ridiculously stupid but that’s what today’s churches have become–with the leaders cashing in unendingly on the back of their members.



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