Speaker Bagbin has set a bar no malicious attack can destroy



I always thought Hon. Martin Amidu was a principled person who is always defending rule of law and good practice until I read his latest outlandish attack on the Speaker of Parliament for always insisting that the house should follow the right procedure.

The Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament should be commended for always trying to use his decades of the vast experience that he has galvanized in his practice in the House to guide the Members to adopt the right procedure.

He should not be condemned in the malicious manner in which Martin Amidu sought to do it.

The tone of Hon. Martin Amidu’s latest epistle do not only smacks of hypocrisy, it also sounds like the scripture of an unforgiving fellow who continues to hide under verbose epistles to settle old personal scores.

For starters, if “The Fourth John” by Manasseh Azure Awuni is anything to go by, Hon. Martin Amidu still struggles to forgive the Rt. Hon. Bagbin and others who he believes schemed to replace him with H.E John Dramani Mahama as running mate to Prof. Mills in 2008.

This same anger was demonstrated in how Hon. Martin Amidu as Special Prosecutor recently tried as all he could to use Hon. Mahama Ayariga as a scapegoat when his failure as Special Prosecutor was becoming a street topic.

Of course, if you read The Fourth John, you will understand why people like the Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin, Hon. Mahama Ayariga, H.E John Dramani Mahama etc. can never impress Hon. Martin Amidu and will always be the target of his attacks.

I shall be back.

Azubila Adams

Lover of Democracy


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