2021 PHC: GSS publishes Product Release Calendar


The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has published the Product Release Calendar for the 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) which previews the data products that will be generated from the 2021 PHC.

The purpose of releasing the calendar ahead of the product releases is to provide information to stakeholders and data users on when data products from the census will be made available to the public to promote extensive usage of the census data.

The release calendar features the publications and other user-friendly data products

The list features six different types of publications i.e., Preliminary Report, Residential Proximity Report to Essential Services Report, General Report, Thematic Reports, Analytical Reports, and the Census Atlas.

There are additionally eight interactive and user-friendly products to meet the diverse needs of data users i.e., policy briefs, interactive census results dashboard, infographics, dissemination seminars, webinars for data users, videos, fact sheets, and 1% Public Use Microdata Sample.

All 2021 PHC publications will be released online (www.census2021.statsghana.gov.gh) and available for download at no cost.

Preliminary Report

The preliminary report, which will be released on 22nd September, 2021 will contain provisional results of the 2021 PHC and will provide information on population by administrative units and sex; household size by administrative unit; number and types of structures; and population density.

Residential Proximity to Essential Services Report

The Residential Proximity to Essential Services Report will be released on 19th October, 2021 and will present geographic analysis of residential access to essential services such as basic education, and primary healthcare at the district level.

General report

The general report, which will be released on 18th November, 2021 will present summary statistics from selected modules of the 2021 PHC questionnaire on age-sex composition; demographic, social and economic profile; housing conditions, household amenities and assets; sanitation; and Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) device ownership and usage.

This report will be presented in three instalments: a. Population distribution by administrative units b. Age and sex profiles and c. Socio-economic profiles.

Other releases include Thematic Report, Analytical Reports and Census Atlas scheduled for 18th November, 2021; May to December, 2022: and June, 2022 to May, 2024  respectively.

The 2021 PHC dissemination strategy aims to develop targeted data output based on the needs of users, and as such, data users are invited to reach out through the communication channels provided, to participate in the opinion surveys that will be conducted routinely, and to subscribe to receive the latest news on product releases.



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