COVID-19 has reduced immorality – Archbishop Bonaventure


The Most Reverend John Bonaventure Kwofie, the Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, says the COVID-19 pandemic, although it has been detrimental to the world since its outbreak, has, however, helped to reduce immorality.

The immorality, he said, included prostitution, fornication, adultery, armed robbery, kidnapping, and violence.

“Few weeks ago, you could pass through some streets of Accra and see ladies involved in prostitution awaiting customers, but now you barely see any of them. Everyone is being cautious and that is one positive thing with the pandemic, so long as believers are concerned,” he said.

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He said the pandemic has also instilled the good habit of maintaining proper personal hygiene in people, encouraged a strong bond among families and generosity towards one another.

The Metropolitan Archbishop said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra while sharing an Easter message with Christians.

He believed Easter was a period of reconciliation, forgiveness, living a Christ-induced life and reflecting on one’s past life and preparing to become victorious over sin.

“Easter is also a period for Christians to reflect on the impact they are making on society, that has made the world a place of love, joy, hope, mercy, and compassion,” he said.

Most Rev. Kwofie advised all to share, as they could not enjoy the goodness of Easter if their brothers and sisters were wallowing in misery.

“If we have, let us share the blessings with others who don’t have to enable the objectives of Easter to be fulfilled.”

He disagreed with those who thought that the COVID-19 pandemic was a curse on the world by God, as he believed God allowed it rather turn the world around and move its people closer to him.

He said the world would become a better place with better educational and health systems after the pandemic had ended.

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Although Christians could not meet in the House of God for the celebration of the Easter festivity as a result of the suspension of public gatherings including Church activities and a restriction of movement, as part of measures to control the spread of COVID-19, Most Rev. Kwofie urged Christians to observe the ‘halleluyah’ day in their homes while reflecting on the power of Christ’s resurrection.

He also entreated everyone to observe the Ghana Health Service COVID-19 preventive directives, by washing their hands regularly with soap under running water, covering their nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing with a disposable tissue, keeping a distance of at least two metres from people, and using hand sanitizers often to stay safe of the respiratory disease.



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