Ghanaian Communities gather in Guangzhou for fun games


Led by the Chairman of the host community, Elder Patrick Frimpong, the Ghanaians played football, ludo, dame, playing cards, oware and some of the ladies also played ampe.

The Shenzen Chapter emerged as the overall winners in the various games as ludo, soccer, playing cards and the dame, and the Guangzhou women won the ludo game against their female counterparts from Shenzhen.

Welcoming the communities to Guangzhou, the Chairman of the Community, Elder Patrick Frimpong, cautioned his colleague Ghanaians to be of good behavior and be minded that they are strangers in China who are there to find greener pastures to Ghana and for that matter they should obey the laws and rules of China. He said China is not their home where they may know somebody who in times of trouble can jump in to save them, unlike Ghana where everybody is somebody’s relative or know somebody who can intervene to set them free.

“The laws and rules are very tough and strict and if we fall contrary to them, the Chinese will not spare us so please as we are here to labor to get something back home, let obey their laws to enjoy the beauty of China”, he advised.

Speaking to, Mr. Dennis Yeboah, Secretary to the Shenzhen Community said they are happy this annual games gathering is instituted to help bring the Ghanaians in China together to know each other and also share more ideas on life and businesses in that country. “China is a very bid country where we are always busy and don’t have time to gather like this to have fun, and not just to have fun, but also share ideas and make more contacts with our brothers and sister here.”

Mr. Yeboah said, these gatherings will go a long way to help them, especially Ghanaians living and working in China, and even those who just come there to do business.

Explaining further Secretary Yeboah said “we have a lot of Ghanaians living here whom we don’t know, so sometimes when they fall into trouble it becomes very difficult for them to get help, but with these Communities grouping, gradually we will know more of our brothers and sisters, if not all and share our contacts so when there is a problem, the person just have to make a phone call and we will be there to help.”

He continued that “we have also asked our members to be calling just once or if possible twice a week to check on ourselves, and we the executives must also do same to check on our members, but not to wait till ‘something’ happens before we start looking for their locations. With these, we will all know how each and every member of Ghanaian Community is doing. On that note too, am urging all Ghanaians staying in China to get in touch with us, the executives or our members to be registered under our umbrella.”   

The Ghanaian Community Fun Games was instituted to bring all the Ghanaians in various Communities or Provinces together at one centre to play games, interact with each other and know the way forward for the Ghanaians staying China. Each Community has its own Executives, who also formed Community Council of Executives to steer the affairs of the Communities.

Beijing lifted the 2017 games trophy which was held in Beijing same time last year, and this year games was held in Guangzhou. The organizers intend to rotate it every year.

Ghanaians staying in China can contact the following numbers and find out how to join from anywhere they are: Elder Frimpong (Guangzhou)… +8613533557422, Sheriff …+8613533993436;

Awudu Beijing (Beijing) …+8615601070602, Jeff Cool….+8618910280827

Source: Sammy Agyei/


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