Let’s redefine the Ghanaian sense of national responsibility – President


President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has called for a redefinition of the Ghanaian sense of national responsibility and the removal of doubts about Ghana’s ability to manage her own affairs.

Ghanaians, he said, must embrace today’s challenges as opportunities for a brighter future and devote to the freedom and welfare of mother Ghana.

He expressed confidence that, though this is an arduous task, with dedication, hard work, honesty, and integrity this dream can be fulfilled.

The President made the call in his 64th Independence Anniversary speech on Saturday.

Ghana, he said, can still fulfil the dreams and aspirations of her founding fathers who envisaged her people to be dynamic, progressive, prosperous and united.

He averred that the population must not allow their energies to be sucked by either the failures of the past or the future challenges.

He disclosed that on Friday the government will provide Parliament with details of measures it will pursue to spur the process of economic recovery.

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The administration, he said, is already taking steps to revitalize and transform the economy.

The process, he said, is hinged on the GH¢100 billion Ghana Cares Obaatan Pa Programme.

According to him, this programme, the linchpin of the government’s drive towards a rapid industrial transformation of the economy, is the main national priority.

He stated, however, that successfully building a resilient Ghana and a strong economy capable of withstanding future external shocks such as Covid-19 require all Ghanaians to put their shoulders to the wheels.

He said, “A year from now the benefits of economic recovery should begin to show, and the quest to move Ghana to a situation beyond aid should be accelerated and our self-reliance enhanced.”

“A year from today we should regain our pride of place as one of the fastest-growing economies not only in Africa but also in the world.”

“A year from now, we should be processing more and more of our raw materials to help create jobs for the millions of Ghanaian youth.”

“A year from now more and more Ghanaian children should be having access to education and every district and region should have a hospital where residents will be able to have decent affordable health care.”

“This is not beyond us if we put in our hearts and minds into it. We who are the first to gain our independence in colonial Africa can make it, and protect our heritage and environment,” he added.

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