Maurice Ampaw calls for the return of Gyan’s rape case for trial


The case, which started since 18th September, 2015, has faced dragging of feet and seeming apathy on the part of the prosecution.

According to When it was the turn for Asamoah Gyan’s lawyer, Kissi Agyabeng, to appear before the court and testify, he failed to do so.

The prosecutor told the court the docket of the case has been referred to the Attorney General’s office – without giving the court any reason. Though the court has patiently given the prosecution over 2 months to tell the court why the Attorney General has called back the case, the prosecution has not done so – making the judge, issue a threat to discharge the suspects in the next hearing.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, who wants the case to be determined to clear the name of his 3 clients – acquitted and discharged and not only discharged, is therefore calling on the Attorney General, to return the docket for trial to continue.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

On behalf of my clients, especially, Osarfo Anthony, I am calling on the Attorney General’s office to return Asamoah Gyan’s rape/sodomy and extortion case to court for trial. I don’t want to believe the Attorney General is there to protect Asamoah Gyan or work in his interest.

I say so because, Sarah is saying on authority that Asamoah Gyan raped and sodomised her and she is ready to prove that beyond all reasonable doubt for the whole world to know she is not blackmailing Gyan. She won’t get anything for blackmailing Gyan – it’s the truth that she wants the world to know.

When she reported the case to DOVVSU, the police never arrested or invited Gyan to write his statement, yet, a ‘complete’ docket was sent to the AG for the AG to say, Gyan has been ‘cleared.’ Cleared of what? Is that how suspects are cleared in this country? The law must deal with Gyan just like any Ghanaian. None of us is above the law. Not even the president of Ghana.

Meanwhile, when the Gyans took a case to the Attorney General that Osarfo Anthony is extorting money from him, quickly the Attorney General processed it and took the case to court. Now that the truth is unfolding in court that Osarfo did not extort any money from Gyan, they have gone to hide behind the same Attorney General to call the docket – so that this one too, the truth will not come out.

What interest has the AG in Asamoah Gyan, that in all of this issue, when it is going in favour of the Gyans, the AG pursues it, but when it’s against Gyan, the AG shields him? Can’t the public see justice is being denied? Can’t people discern to know the state is twisting the hands of justice?

And when I preach for justice for an innocent journalist like Osarfo Anthony and others, they try to make the public dislike me by saying I hate Asamoah Gyan; I want cheap hype or publicity. To all those, I tell you – if a rich or popular person bully you with his money and connections to big people, to deny you justice, that will be the day you will understand the plight of Osarfo and others.

I’m calling on Madam Gloria Akufo, a woman who believes in justice, a character who stands for the poor –and who is working in a government, Nana Addo’s government, that prides itself of freedom and justice, accountability and transparency, to return the docket for trial to continue.

Osarfo Anthony

The Gyans made the whole world believe I extorted money from Asamoah Gyan and subsequently dragged me to court for the law to take its course. For over a year now, the other accused and myself go to court ready to face trial – yet, they, who made the whole world believe I’m an extortionist, do not show up in court.

I have lost a lot and still losing more due to this trial, but I long to see this case go through its full stretch. Even if it will drag for the next 5 years, so be it – because nature knows my hands are clean. A good name is better than riches – so I want my name to be cleared in this case for now and for my future. The villain is happy today, I will be happier tomorrow as the protagonist.

Ekow Micah

Any ordinary citizen would have been jailed concerning rape allegation but the state did not even invite Asamoah Gyan and he is using his money to bully poor people. I don’t have Asamoah Gyan’s phone number and he is not my friend, so where and how did I extort money from him?

When they saw that I was the one helping Sarah to report the rape and sodomy case to the police, then someone planted weed in my house so that when I’m jailed, the girl will not have a strong force behind her to expose Gyan. That did not work – now extortion. Now that the truth is hitting them in the face in court, they are running away. We are ready for them. They should come!

Background Of Case

First witness in the case, Samuel Annim Addo, Asamoah Gyan’s manager, told the court that Osarfo Anthony was doing publications on the Gyan and Sarah Kwablah rape and sodomy allegations on online portal,

A witness in the case, Nii Amarh Armateifio, a worker at 3 FM at TV3, approached Osarfo and asked him to stop the publication and that whatever money the latter’s media house will lose, Asamoah Gyan is prepared to pay the publishing cost to kill the story.

Osarfo insisted the whole proposal be put on paper and signed; something both parties agreed. On the day Asamoah Gyan’s manager met Osarfo and gave part of the agreed sum, the police arrested Osarfo and later Sarah Kwablah, Ekow Micah, and Chris Handler, and charged them with conspiracy to extort money from Gyan.

According to Asamoah Gyan’s manager, it’s Gyan’s lawyer, Kissi Agyabeng, who directed him on the whole scheme to get Osarfo arrested. To achieve what, Lawyer Kissi could not be in court to testify – however, the case has been referred to the AG.

Next Hearing

The case continues on 16th March, 2017.



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