Muntari promised he will never take a girlfriend — Menaye


Former beauty queen, Menaye Donkor disclosed this in a recent interview with Delores Frimpong Manson aka ‘Delay’ on the Delay Show.

According to the mother-of-one, she had a discussion with the former Milan midfielder before their union and he assured her that she is enough for him so will never get another wife.

“Sulley is always home and I know what I have at home. He hasn’t come to tell me that he wants to marry a second wife despite being a Muslim,” she told Delay.

“When we met, we had a conversation about that and he said his father married only one wife and that I am a whole lot of a woman for him so he can’t think of marrying another wife in addition to me. That will be a whole lot,” she continued.

“Taking another girlfriend is not part of the agreement I have with him”.



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