NPP group threatens ruthless action against critics of Razak Opoku


The Concerned New Patriotic Party (NPP) Members in the Ashanti Region have expressed shock by the recent unwarranted attacks ‘on their hardworking patriot”, Mr. Razak Kojo Opoku.

A statement signed by Mr Kwadwo Awuah, Convenor of the Group and copied to the Ghana News Agency on Thursday said: “It is unfortunate that committed members are allowed to be run down by people who think the NPP is their property”.

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“We would like to advise them to desist from attacking Mr. Kojo Opoku who has contributed significantly to the growth of the NPP in the Ashanti Region and Ghana as a whole since 2016. We won’t sit and fold our arms for self-centred people to bring him down”.

The statement said Mr. Kojo Opoku’s sterling performance at the National Lottery Authority (NLA) must be commended by all instead of the attacks on him in the media by individuals who should know better.

The Group revealed that it would deal ruthlessly with any group of people who would want to damage the hard-won reputation of their hardworking patriot Mr. Kojo Opoku henceforth.

It said the release was to send a strong warning to those engaged in the attacks to stop the needless accusations and peddling of falsehood about the dedicated Mr. Kojo Opoku.

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