VALCO workers protest against ‘oldies’ at post

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Workers of the Volta Smelter Aluminium Company (VALCO) on Monday embarked on a protest over what they said was the failure of the company’s management to index their wages to the United States dollar.

The workers also want two executive management members to be relieved of their posts since they have attained the compulsory retirement age, according to the workers.

They named the two management members as the Chief Executive Officer, Dan Acheampong and the Human Resource Director, Festus Quaidoo.

According to them, the two senior managers have reached their retirement age.

The workers argued that whereas the CEO retired nearly four years ago with the HR director also retiring last year, the two have continued to be in office.

The protest at the frontage of the company was nearly marred by violence when a military deployment arrived to prevent the workers from blocking the access that links the company to Aluworks, using a 40-footer container.

The move by the workers was also to prevent the two senior managers from entering the company.

Some soldiers who intervened to stop the workers from blocking the access road turned their anger on some media personnel who were reporting on the incident.

They ordered the journalists to suspend any video recording at the company since it was a private facility and the media had no right to be there.

The military detachment cocked their guns to scare the media and some of the workers who were at the scene.

That notwithstanding, the workers some of whom abandoned work at the production unit were seen dancing to music from speakers which were mounted at the frontage of the company.

Others were also seen in groups seated at the frontage and having conversations amidst laughter.


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