2024 election not done deal for NDC – Elvis Afriyie Ankrah


Aspiring General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has said though all indications point to the party winning the upcoming 2024 election, it is dangerous for the party to assume it will be a “walkover.”

He’s therefore cautioned against the party allowing complacency to set in.

Speaking on the “Ghana Kasa” show on Kasapa FM/Agoo TV, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah who was once the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, urged the party members not to rest on their oars but continue to work very hard until the NDC Presidential candidate is declared the President-elect of Ghana after the 2024 election.

“One thing that I want to caution the NDC about is that it is evidently clear that the party will win the 2024 election, but we should never say anywhere that we’ve already won so we are relaxing.”

“We should not give complacency a chance because it is very dangerous. Until the votes have been cast and countered and ex-President Mahama or whoever will lead the NDC has been declared as the new President, and the party has won over 160 seats in Parliament, we should continue to fight till the end.”

“This is because the incumbent NPP is bent on doing everything possible including killing people as they did in the 2020 elections to retain power.”

The former Director of Elections of the NDC said the party needs a courageous and hard-working leader like himself to lead the party to victory.

“The 2024 election is not a done deal. The NDC needs someone who’s fearless and has led the party before and who knows how to fight both at the top and down as I’ve done.”

“In the forthcoming 2024 election, when it comes to policies, strategies, and manifesto, I’m very competitive. When it comes to being tough and applying force, I’ll not be found wanting.”

I was born and grew up in Shukura, Town Council Line, Osu, and Kokomlemle before settling in East Legon, nobody should think that I’m soft. If the NPP deals with the NDC peacefully, everything will be nice and peaceful, but if they resort to violence we will match the boot for boot. Don’t forget the NDC party has its roots from the revolution.”



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