An open letter to our CSOs over their strange silence on these LGBT matters


Dear CSOs

We all know that you are the apostles of propriety in our society and that whenever our society is tilting towards a place or angle that does not bode well for the future survival of this country, you stand up, draw attention and censure those who might be failing in living up to their tasks.

Strange events are being reported in Ghana but all of a sudden, all of you seem to have gone into hibernation.

You are the cistern of knowledge on almost everything, at least that’s how some of you have projected yourselves so it comes as shocking that you are on a form of hiatus when this LGBT issue has reared its ugly head.

Maybe all of you have travelled out of civilization and must be brought back and reminded of your work. We cannot have CSOs in the country making it your hobbies to attack Government at every opportunity but keep quiet when our society faces extinction from these LGBT activities.

We need to find the very cat that has confiscated your pens and mouths. You cannot appear to be in existence because there is an Akufo-Addo administration and there is a Jean Mensa led-Electoral Commission. You must enlarge your tentacles.

I am using this medium to draw your attention to the fact that we have a monstrous animal couched in the form of the acronymic LGBT threatening to infiltrate our cultural heritage with something so foreign, grotty and abhorrent for you to go quiet.

Many believe that your chilling silence on the matter is pretentious for reasons you can better speak to.

It is widely believed that you all or most of you receive your fundings from the very countries promulgating and promoting these LGBT issues and so if you raise eyebrows about their activities, you’d lose your funding.

If this belief system has no iota of truth to it, then kindly pick up your pens, phones, iPads and laptops and speak ferociously against them. If you fail to do that, we promise you that we shall meet your future advocacies with brute force and send them into the dustbin because they will be considered to be not genuine.

Your love for Ghana should not only be all about trying to save the national purse. It should be about saving lives, protecting our heritage, our culture and ensuring that the next generation of Ghanaians are safeguarded from these reprehensible foreign cultural activities. We wait patiently for your strong condemnations of these issues.

By: P.K. Sarpong,

(Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place)


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