Asawase NDC fights Sammy Gyamfi


The attack launched on the leadership of the Minority in Parliament by the National Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC), Sammy Gyamfi, has received a reprisal from the Constituency Executives of the party in Asawase in the Ashanti region.

In a press statement signed and released by the party’s Constituency Communications Director on 4th March, 2021, the branch responded to what they describe as the irresponsible comments and attacks by Sammy Gyamfi on their Member of Parliament, Muntaka Mohammed Mubarak and his colleagues in Parliament.

The Asawase NDC said it is rather the leadership of the NDC, which Sammy Gyamfi is a part that has betrayed the party and not the Minority Caucus.

“If one is to talk about betrayal, it is the leadership of the NDC party in which Sammy Gyamfi is part that has betrayed us. It is the leadership of the party that is not being truthful to us and betraying us, not our hard working MPs, ” the statement said.

The Asawase Executives accused Sammy Gyamfi and other National Executives of being dishonest as they wouldn’t let them know the reality on the ground.

“The leadership of the party held a meeting with the leadership of the MPs’ caucus, and they presented all their challenges in parliament as far as the voting of nominees are concerned.
As a vibrant communication officer as you claim you are, wouldn’t it have been prudent enough for you to make us aware of the reality on the ground than trying to incite us against our MPs,” they asked.

The statement also said if Sammy Gyamfi has failed to assume his responsibility per his rules of engagement, he should accept it for all to move on.

They also questioned the National Communications Officer about his own commitment to the party since in their view, he is the least person they expected to attack hardworking and committed MPs of the party.

“Come to think of it, you can’t be more Catholic than the Pope. You can’t be more NDC than The Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Muntaka Mubarak, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu and other hard working NDC MPs. As you are touting yourself with integrity than these hard working NDC MPs with rich experience, which you know is not true and can’t be true with unsubstantiated allegation”

“We would like to caution you to desist from this undeserving misconduct of a national officer of our great party, more importantly, the barrage of attacks on our hard working Member of Parliament, Hon. Muntaka Mubarak and his colleagues,” they cautioned.

The Executives also questioned Sammy Gyamfi about his source of wealth, as his wealth does not commensurate with what he does.

They are demanding answers to the following three questions;

1. Can you tell us with all honesty a company or an institution in Ghana that you have worked with before possessing all that you have today and at what salary base Mr. Integrity?

2. What do you do for a living now to lead the kind of life that you are having?

3. You have two (2) V8 Toyota Land Cruisers; can you tell us how you bought those cars and for how many years of service to a company or an institution if any? Just to mention a few.

Muntaka Mubarak’s Executives have cautioned Sammy Gyamfi over his misplaced outburst, and that “if there are people who have contributed immensely to the party’s failure in election 2020 which subsequently left us with bruises, then there is no other than the people with Sammy Gyamfi”, they concluded.



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