Former Minister advises NPP Youth against violence over MMDCEs


“The President can choose anyone to represent him in the district. Those who are agitating should rather clamor for someone who will bring development to their area”, former Local Government Minister Kwadwo Agyei Darko admonished the youth.

“It is the prerogative of the President to choose anyone he deems fit. The best they can do is to lobby for someone who they think can bring them development”

“The President is not under any obligation to listen to their concerns. If they have grievances there are channels to use not demonstrations and threats”

“In party organizations and winning elections people contribute in various ways. It is now time to govern and do business. They have to choose, pick and select people with the requisite skill with combination of capacity that can help them deliver”

Mr Agyei Darko on Ultimate FM’s morning show stated that NPP executives at the constituency, regional and national levels must explain to applicants that position will be given to persons based on competence and qualifications and what one can bring on table to achieve the dreams of the President.

He however said this should not mean that people with no academic qualifications cannot be considered for the position urging the executives to manage expectations of their members to forestall recurrence of agitation recorded in some districts.



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