GRA clarifies situation on COCOBOD agrochemicals: No auction occurred

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The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has addressed concerns raised by a publication in the Herald newspaper on February 2, 2024, regarding the alleged auctioning of Ghana Cocoa Board’s (COCOBOD) agrochemicals, fertilizers, and other related items.

The article suggested that COCOBOD was unable to fulfill its import duties obligations, leading to the GRA auctioning off essential agricultural products crucial for the cocoa farming season.

The GRA has firmly refuted these claims, labeling the publication as “disingenuous and misleading” and stating that it draws “conclusions not founded on facts.”

According to an official statement released by the GRA’s Communication and Public Affairs department, the items in question were indeed imported by COCOBOD in April and May 2023 but ended up on the Uncleared Cargo List (UCL) due to overstaying at the State Warehouse.

Following legal procedures, these items were gazetted, a step required for items that have not been cleared in time.

Contrary to the claims made in the Herald’s article, the GRA took into consideration COCOBOD’s significant role in Ghana’s economy and the importance of agrochemicals for the cocoa sector.

Subsequently, the items were not allocated to another entity but were instead restored to COCOBOD after the organization fulfilled its duty payment obligations.

The GRA has emphasized that no agro product belonging to COCOBOD has been auctioned.

The authority urged the public to disregard the misleading publication and to seek verification before spreading such information.

The GRA reiterated its commitment to supporting COCOBOD’s operations, acknowledging the board’s substantial contributions to the nation’s development, while also ensuring the fair application of tax laws.


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