I won’t apologize – Ashanti Regional Minister to ECG staff

Ashanti Regional Minister
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Ashanti Regional Minister Simon Osei-Mensah has refused to apologize to Mark Asomani-Wiafe, the Regional Manager of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), following the latter’s controversial arrest.

The incident has ignited protests by ECG staff demanding an apology from the minister.

During a media briefing, Minister Osei-Mensah justified the police action, stating it was necessary due to security concerns related to regional power issues.

He underscored multiple instances where he believed the ECG failed to cooperate with the Regional Security Council (REGSEC), including not providing information on maintenance schedules and ignoring requests related to security zones in Kumasi where the President and Vice President lodge.

The Minister remarked, “Do I have to apologize for doing my work as chairman of the Security Council in the region? No.”

He firmly rejected the idea that his actions warranted an apology and mentioned an alarming incident involving the removal of bolts and nuts from pylons, which he viewed as part of a broader attempt to undermine his authority.

The ECG’s Senior Staff Union has called for regional managers to boycott REGSEC meetings until an apology is issued.

However, the Ashanti Regional Minister stated that ECG managers are not members of REGSEC, indicating that their absence would not impact the council’s operations.


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