Importers resist Customs’ Cargo Tracking Notes policy


The CTN is expected to track all imports to Ghana to reduce revenue losses with under declaration.

Even before its implementation in March 2018, the businesses say they will be disadvantaged.

The freight forwarders argue that the Cargo Tracking Notes (CTN) is a duplication of efforts to slow down their activities.

They explain that the customs already has access to shipment information hence no need for any new documentation.

The President of the Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders, Kwabena Ofosu Appiah explained the group’s position as;

“We believe this is just allowing someone to set up just a system to provide information on imports such as vehicles and make up to about 100 dollars on every bill of laden,” he stated.

The CTN primarily allows freight forwarders from the country of origin to upload information on a particular consignment unto the platform.

This is subsequently relayed unto the Ghana customs platform in real time.

The charges range between 100 and 200 dollars per consignment of goods.

This is however dependent on the number of consignments.

The CEO of CTN Ghana, Geoffrey Cole disputes the arguments of the freight forwarders of additional costs.

“We are dealing with the freight forwarder at the port of origin who is engaged by the shipper or supplier or manufacturer to process documents out of that country to Ghana. So we have no business with the freight forwarder whose mandate resides in Ghana,” he explained.

Due to the timely provision of information, any consignment which is suspected of under declaration or under valuation, could be surcharged to avert any possible revenue loss due to tax evasion.

Geoffrey Cole tells Citi Business News the program should also protect the economy from dumping of unapproved goods.

“The benefits do not only accrue to customs but also to the Ministry of Health as it can use the CTN to control the importation of some prohibited pharmaceutical products. Likewise the Ministry of Interior could use the CTN to determine any threat of importation of unwanted weapons, etc. Also, the Ministry of Trade in making economic decisions for Ghana could also use the CTN to track imports,” he added.

A Tax advisor at the Commissioner of Customs, Christian Sottie admits to the outstanding issues raised by the businesses.

He however explains that all such issues should be resolved for the roll out in March.



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