Inusah Fuseini’s son is a victim to ‘Sakawa boys’ plots

Abdul Inusah

Hamza S. Huhuyini, former Board Member of the Road Fund, has come out to defend Abdul Fuseini, son of the former lawmaker for Tamale Central, Inusah Fuseini who is allegedly involved in fraud and money laundering in the United States of America.

The former student leader who is close to the Fuseini’s family said, Abdul is a business man who has been implicated by some of his clients who were involved in some form of crime, and for that, does not deserve to be called by names.

He said Abdul is not what it’s been circulated that, he was involved in Sakawa, and he is too proud to be practice such, but rather, he was implicated.

According to him, the young man has fought so hard to make his father too proud of him, and therefore, he think people should pray for him instead, to get out of this trouble he currently find himself.

31-year-old Abdul Inusah has been found guilty of Fraud and Money Laundering in a Southern District of West Virginia of the United States of America.

He faces up to 50 years jail term for colluding with others and defrauding individuals in multiple states through the use of false online personas.

Here is his post on the issues

Sakawa? Please!!!!

He sold cars and between 2018 and 2019 advertised same on Facebook. Prior to that he had a company registered in Ghana for his businesses.

People from Ghana, Nigeria etc got in touch with him to buy these vehicles. He was directed to pick up checks as part payment for these vehicles which he did and deposited directly into his accounts in the U.S. Little did he know that the sakawa boys now have difficulty moving out their cash from U.S and so resorted to using it to buy cars to be shipped to them to be sold. He wouldn’t have been stupid to go deposit these checks in his own bank accounts if he thought it was bad money. That is where the so called approximate $22,000 dollars paid into his account came from including a zelle transfer into his own account. He simply had no idea that the cash was dirty.

As he was abroad, he gave out his Ghanaian company name and account numbers to his customers in Ghana to make outstanding payments of the vehicles they purchased from him. Through that, these same guys(either gh or nija) got hold of the company details and used it in their social media charts with fake lovers to attempt to traffic in about $46,000 as down payment to cars requested from him. Who would engage in something like this and leave direct traces to himself? Believing that it was nothing he couldn’t defend, he even out of naivity used the state provided lawyers as his defence lawyers.

This is a young man who was fighting hard to make his father proud. And every time we spoke, he always wanted to go out there and do business and make it himself without reliance on his father’s wealth. He is a young man full of pride who just got done with his masters and wouldn’t knowingly hurt his own pride this way.

And yes, for those who know him wouldn’t even be worried about how his dad is feeling but how this will hurt his pride that he holds to the high heavens. He is a lovely gentleman.

We have been quiet because we thought explaining it would appear as though we were simply making excuses. But the stupidity is becoming too much because we have been quiet.

Heck! In Ghana, all that we love is sensationalism in the news and nothing more.

Please pray for us to get him back on his feet!



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