NDC Secretary Declares 2024 Elections a ‘Jihad’


A party Communicator and the Atwima Kwanwoma Constituency Secretary of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) Lukeman Mumuni has stated that the height of vigilance the NDC will attach to the 2024 elections will be like a jihad.

Simply put Jihad, in the Islamic religion is a struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam. It could be extreme and have violent undertones as well. Islamic fundamentalist who participates in or supports jihad, especially armed and violent confrontation is known as Jihadist.

The NDC executive mentions keen monitoring at the polling stations, the role played by key institutions in Ghana’s electoral process will be the focus for the NDC especially the actions of the NPP and the Electoral Commission.

“Some people on December 7th, 2020 left their homes, thinking they were going to come back just to make sure they defend and protect our democracy eight were killed. It would have been good and better to tell their parents that I am going into the elections based on what happened 4 years ago I may or may not come home because even going to choose the right person is a form of jihad when you are doing something on the part of Allah”

“So what the NPP is planning, their intentions people like us especially we need to officially tell our family something before we leave. So that should the unfortunate thing happens because the whole plan is to make sure they suppress us not by legal means. These are coming from their utterances”

“I will goodbye to my family before I leave for the 2024 elections, it will be my personal Jihad nothing good comes easy, the NPP will not break the eight, we will protect the rights of the Ghanaian” he vowed

Source: MyNewsGh.com


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