NDC’s 2020 election petition was a hoax – Asiedu Nketia


General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketiah has laid bare the dirty linen of the party for public scrutiny in a secret tape making rounds on social media.

He disclosed the 2020 election petition the opposition mounted at the Supreme Court was only a diversion.

The NDC, he said, had not been able to collate the election results because the supposed robust system brought in by the Director of IT appointed by Chairman Ofosu Ampofo crashed after collation of results from just five regions.

He stated the petition was just a strategy to have the apex court compel the Electoral Commission (EC) to present the entire results that had been officially collated.

The revelation is contained in a tape that has gone viral on social media in which the NDC general secretary was addressing delegates for the impending conference slated for Saturday December 17.

According to him, in areas where the NDC did not even win the worst case scenario was for a second round because President Akufo-Addo did not garner enough votes for an outright win but the NDC did not have the proof at the time because the IT system had crashed.

“So when the NDC decided to challenge the results at the Supreme Court, we had to conduct manual collation of the results by calling for all the pink sheets from the various constituencies.”

“Chairman Ampofo jumped on that too and insisted he will supervise the collation and went and brought some university students to sort out the pink sheets.”

Asiedu Nketiah indicated during the election petition when he was to take the witness stand, the results that the party Chairman submitted to him as proof of the NDC’s victory was not something any sensible person would tender in as evidence to a court.

He said, “I’m one of the few people in Ghana well-versed with election matters so how could I take the witness box to defend the NDC with indefensible election figures. I could not do that”

“I told him the party could not submit that to court as evidence and he went to Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata.”

“He also perused the documents and arrived at the same conclusion and advised the NDC to find another lawyer if that was what they intend to submit as evidence at the Supreme Court.”

Lawyer Tsikata, he said, however, agreed the Electoral Commission (EC) had violated many of the electoral laws, and in that case, the NDC could go to court on these violations and have the Supreme Court compel the Commission to provide all the election results on its systems that will show the NDC won the elections.

“That was the reason why at the Supreme Court when they asked for the NDC’s results, I told them I had not brought any results because I don’t know how to lie,” he stated.


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