Like a cobra zigzagging his way through what appears to be an impassably thorny pathway, Mahama Ayariga has been disgraced for his unscrupulous behaviour which targeted a section of the members of Parliament.

Ayariga pontificated, forcefully, that Mr. Boakye Agyarko had induced the members on the minority side of Parliament with huge sums of money to remove all the impedimental roadblocks in order to greencard his appointment.

Ayariga’s source of information was no other person than Muntaka Mubarak, the minority chief whip, who had admitted to him that the conduit for the bribe was Honourable Joe Osei Owusu, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament. This allegation has ruffled feathers amongst members of the house from both sides as he has failed to adduce further information to make his claims more potent. His alibi is Muntaka Mubarak of Asawase.

While Rome was being burnt down, the principal witness, according to Ayariga, Muntaka Mubarak seemed to be sitting on the fence until he could not contain it any longer. He burst out, enraged at Mahama Ayariga’s lies against him. Muntaka had this to say when Sampson Lardy interviewed him on Newsfile, “I have never given any money to Ayariga. Neither have I collected any money from Honourable Osei Owusu. I am a Muslim and Ayariga is a Muslim. I leave him to Allah”, he retorted rather angrily.

To the novice in our political landscape, this debacle was designed to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of Mr. Boakye Agyarko and Honourable Joe Osei Owusu, but there is a veil which seems to have partitioned the real issues from the façade being displayed.

There are mountains of burning issues which are tearing the NDC further apart. This Ayariga/Muntaka issue dovetails the raging duel between Mahama’s fanatics and Haruna Iddrisu’s surrogates. The underlying cause of this muted warfare between Ayariga and Muntaka Mubarak is the scramble to control the NDC in the aftermath of the humiliating defeat the NDC suffered in the December 7 polls.

Two schools of thought which have not been denied by the two camps within the opposition National Democratic Congress are the relentless pursuit to still hold on to the affairs of the party by the Mahamas and the determination of the pro-Haruna Iddrisu gang to dwarf the almost non-existent legacy of Mahama to the background.

Ayariga’s hideously repulsive conduct was to slight Haruna Iddrisu and gang than the governing New Patriotic Party. Subtlety is a tool that can be used to outdo your opponents but it can be a bad servant if not properly harnessed.

There is a price to pay for such a scoundrelly act, and Ayariga must not go scot free.

By. P.K. Sarpong


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