Economic crisis would worsen if approval of 2023 budget is delayed – Deputy Minister


Deputy Minister of Finance Abena Osei Asare is warning the current economic crisis could worsen if approval of the 2023 budget is delayed.

She, therefore, urged Members of Parliament, especially the Minority to support the government’s revenue measures provided in the 2023 Budget

The Deputy Minister, also a Member of Parliament for Atiwa East gave the warning while contributing to debate on the 2023 Budget on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday, November 29,.

She blamed the current economic challenges on external factors and argued it is important the 2023 budget is passed expeditiously to prevent plunging the country into further crisis.

She said, “We are faced with local and global challenges, we also have an ongoing IMF negotiation, and also we have debt operations that we are trying to come up with to bring our debt levels to a sustainable level.”

“Mr Speaker, little did we know that a global pandemic and a war in Ukraine will bring us down to our knees…The quicker we do something about it, the better.”

“It is in this respect that we are asking our colleagues on the other side to support the government in the revenue measures that we have stated in next year’s budget.”

“Any delay in passing this revenue measure means we are pushing Ghana down the drain,” she added


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