New magazine scrutinises Ghana’s energy policies


The 60-page quarterly magazine takes a critical look into energy expectations of Ghanaians from President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s administration in the midst of chronic problems in the power sector.

“We are hoping that President Akufo-Addo will be powering Ghana adequately in 2017, whilst he takes the mantle of leadership,” Mr Henry Teinor, Editor of the Energy Ghana Magazine, stated.

“The question of what happens after the passage of the E&P Law in Ghana is somewhat crucial to the effectiveness of the bill and its benefits subsequently,” he added.

The magazine explores a number of viewpoints of the aftermath of the E&P bill in Ghana which the Editor described as an interesting episode to read in the edition.

The move by some West African countries to ban dirty fuel imports was captured with enthusiasm.

Five West African countries agreed to ban the importation of Europe’s dirty fuels, a move that experts said would dramatically reduce vehicle emissions and help more than 250 million breath safer, cleaner air.

Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin and Cote d’Ivoire agreed in Abuja to introduce strict standards to ensure cleaner, low sulphur diesel fuels and the vehicle emission standards, effectively cutting off Europe’s West Africa market to export its dirty fuels.

“We took a keen interest in the nuclear energy in South Africa. Nuclear energy is becoming a dirty word to them,” Mr Teinor said.

Energy experts raised a number of questions and expressed worry that the issue of nuclear reactors were still a plan on paper but the noxious debate over their future hade made nuclear energy a dirty word in South Africa- to build or not to build.

The magazine looks at equity and gender balance in energy policy making and to Mr Teinor “leaves most of us unclear as to whether it’s a mirage or a reality”.

“Let’s interrogate it further as captures in an exciting special report.”

It also spins on how President Donald Trump, of United States energy strategy hinges on OPEC and Russia as he takes over the oval office amidst World Bank forecast of rising oil prices in 2017.

“This definitely draws the attention of all oil producing countries,” Mr Teinor said.

Other energy sector topics include corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Ghana; health and safety news and exclusive interviews with Engineering inventors and industry experts.

The features include industry news on E&P, special report on women in Parliament, CRS upstream, Global news, business, technology and innovation.

Major areas as Bill Gates launches $1 billion breakthrough energy investment, gas flaring: an environmental irresponsibility or an economic waste? why the government plan’s plan for coal must be replaced by renewable energy alternative and industry leading forecasting and risk modelling software-within your excel spreadsheet are dealt with.

Gold Fields plans to spend $1.4 billion prolonging Ghana mine life, Anglogold Ashanti hits $ 161 million in cash flow despite challenges, Africa oil governance summit 2016 in pictures and included in the publication.

Source: GNA


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