Don’t call me fat – Actress


She is not happy people refer to her as fat and believes it is time to let those who do so to put stop to it.

“Don’t call me fat, refer to me as a plus-size person. In fact, call me sexy because I am. It is rude to call anyone fat”, the ‘If You Were Mine’ actress told Showbiz in an interview.

“I do get comments like I’m fat, big and all that from people and on social media but then I want to use this opportunity to say such comments are unfair and it is not something I am happy about. Instead of calling me fat or big, refer to me as plus-size and sexy.”

According to her, she has so far not done or said anything to people or fans who call her fat. “The only reason I don’t or haven’t engaged them in a banter is that I don’t allow these things to get to me. But then I really want them to stop.

“I was born like this, I have always been like this. Anyone who knows me from childhood will not be surprised to see me like this,” she said.

According to her, being plus-size comes with its dos and don’ts and one of such is wearing what is right. ‘If there is anything I have learned since I accepted and felt confident with my body, is not to wear clothes that expose my body. I feel bad when I see women with bulky stomachs wearing body-hugging dresses. They look very old. Know your body type and wear what works for it so I don’t wear dresses that hug my body,” Belinda said.

Instead of brooding over the negative names people call her, Belinda intends to channel her energy into something positive.

“I hope to be an activist for plus size ladies. I want to show them how confident I am in my body, how I love it without caring about what someone else says so that they can also emulate me. See, the best thing that anyone can do to him or herself is to love, accept and be comfortable in whatever body they find themselves in,” she said.

She may be comfortable in her body but that doesn’t warrant her living an unhealthy lifestyle.

“I exercise from time to time. I need to stay healthy not because I want to be slim or anything but to keep my heart and other organs healthy and blood flow smoothly.”

Belinda Dzattah started acting in 2010 but took the profession serious in 2012 and has since featured in over 20 movies. They include, Chelsea, If You Were Mine, Why Should I Get Married, In April, Royal Diadem, Black and White, Prince Bride and 5 Brides.

Describing her movie industry journey, she said it has been worth her determination. “So far my career has been smooth and nice. I love acting and I am glad I followed my dream”, she added.

Source: Daily Graphic


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