IMANI applauds port efficiency moves


In its latest publication on August 15, IMANI said: “Vice President Dr. Bawumia and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government must be commended on the practical measures that are currently being put into place to improve port efficiency in Ghana, and ensure that the nation becomes one of the most competitive ports within the sub-region, and in the long-term, even globally”.

The publication compiled by Anita Nkrumah and Akua Dei-Anang with IMANI’s Centre for Economic Governance and Political Affairs, explained that such measures are necessary to stimulate national economic development, increase tax revenues and minimise the corrupt practices among importers, customs officers and clearing agents.

“With these measures in place, and the active participation of key stakeholders, the nation will see positive and sustainable improvements in the realm of trade and economic development,” the article added.

As part of measures announced by government, beginning September 1 2017, all transactions at the country’s ports will be 100 per cent paperless, enabled by an electronic system, which will be powered by GCNet.

Additionally, government plans to remove all internal customs barriers to allow easier transportation of goods.



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