Kofi Kinaata explains his ‘confession’ song


The composer, Kofi Kinaata has times without number tried to make himself clear that yes, the song is for a different purpose but not for drunkard but booze men seemed not to care about Kofi’s meaning at all; they’ve turned a deaf ear to Kofi’s explanation. Nowadays, this song is played many times at everywhere and people always do jump to it on the dancing floor, both young and old.

Well, this time around, he has quoted a Bible verse and as well disclosed again the main intent of churning out a song like, ‘confession.


On Instagram, he posted,

Deep thinkers like you @QuophiOkyeame make the work easier. He has simplified all what I wanted to say in the #Confession track. We all see and understand things differently depending on the angle you are viewing it from or how you are thinking.
The song leads the perishing to answer the alter call. Leave it all to Jesus when your strength can’t handle it anymore.
Mat: 11-28.


Source: Frontpageghana.com


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