Leaders urged to emulate Jesus’ servant-leadership qualities


Reverend Samuel Amafu-Dey, the District Pastor of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, Trinity Parish, on Good Friday urged leaders to emulate Jesus Christ’s Servant-Leadership qualities.

The atmosphere at the Church was a solemn one, where congregants remembered the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

They were dressed in wine, red and black apparel to signify mourning of the death of Jesus Christ.

Rev Amafu-Dey gave the narration of how Jesus was crucified amid intermittent singing of hymns.

It was on Good Friday that religious leaders arrested Jesus for claiming to be the son of God and King of the Jews.

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They sentenced Him to crucifixion, the highest form of criminal punishment at the time, for his teachings.

Jesus was beaten, forced to carry a heavy wooden cross amid a jeering crowd, and finally nailed to death.

The District Pastor asked leaders to demonstrate the kind of humility Christ showed, as He humbled Himself even till death.

He said without Easter, Christianity had no roots and humanity would be lost.

He said God had purposed Jesus Christ to come into the world to save mankind.

“The Coming of Christ is God’s personal intervention in humans’ situations, because we cannot save ourselves,” he added.

On the COVID-19 safety protocols, Rev Amafu-Dey encouraged citizens, especially Christians, to obey he protocols to defeat the virus completely.

The service was held under strict adherence to the COVID-19 protocols.

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